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Scroll the Follower and Following fields on the Instagram Website until their end and mark all Names. Paste them into the fields above.

Example (how the copied data will look, in German):

followers Profilbild
Followers Name
second_followers Profilbild
Second Follower

Imprint and legal information:

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This tool is made to help you comparing two datasets. It is written in PHP. You may use it to manually compare your Instagram Followers against the ones your're following. As this tool does not use the Instagram API or access Instagram in any way, there is no problem with Instagram policies.

But it is some manual work to scroll both fields to the end to paste the copied data into the fields above.

If anyone knows a cheat how to make this more convenient, please drop me a line, create an issue on Github or fork the repository.

Download Source Code on Github:

Want to host this page by yourself. Change the code (eg translate from German to your language) or help me with improvements? Insta Compare is free Open Source Code and available on Github.